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Personal Development / Team Building with horses


Leadership Training / Team Building Events


Equine Assisted Learning – a measure of personal development using all senses.


Intensive and sustainable.


`Nature never deceives us, it is we who deceive ourselves` - Jean-Jacques Rousseau.


An animal, especially a horse, will meet you with impartiality and honesty.  Traits afforded to them by nature.  They can help you to move away from your conditioned behavioural patterns and discover the unconscious and non-verbal.


Through honest feedback in our horse assisted coaching sessions, you are given the opportunity to develop your personal impact, presence and authenticitiy.


Our horses will show you how raising your self-awareness can enrich your personal and/or professional life.  The systematic training is action and experience based.


Feedback is always solution orientated and the experience, incorporting the use of all your senses, will provide you with lasting knowledge and personal development.


The use of horses follows the EQS method developed by myself which attaches great importance to the wellbeing of horses used in coaching.


Treat yourself to an encounter of a special kind in a coaching session with our horses.


We look forward to seeing you!


Best wishes

Alexandra Lohr




Personal Development – Individual Coaching


Our coaching sessions incorporate the use of all the senses which will enrich and harmonise your life and strengthen your social competence.


By combining our systematic training approach with horses, a deeper insight into your inner strengths will be uncovered.


Developments in your public image, presence and authenticity will improve all aspects of your life.


Individual coaching and workshops focus on the following:


Resource activation.

The development and strengthening of personal potential.

Development of authenticity, impact and presence.

Goal orientation and achievement.



Horse Assisted Team Building / Team Events


Escape from everyday life – and enjoy the experience!!


Make your team building event a creative experience inspiring the participants and strengthening team spirit.


The shared experience and mutual support of the team members will motivate and unite your team.


Would you welcome experiencing a company event where team building and creativity are united?  Where team development strengthens the team spirit and co-operation?  Are motivation, flow, respect and improved communication important aspects?


Then contact us and book a horse assisted coaching session.


We operate throughout Germany, as well as internationally.


A specialist team of trainers consisiting of systematic coaches, entrepeneurs and psychologists will plan your day to ensure a true experience with a lasting impact.


Previous horse riding experience is not required!  All activities take place on foot.


Enjoy an eventful day and a special team building experience.


We would be happy to plan your event in full, where required, to include catering, a campfire and a photographer.


We will make your day an unforgettable experience.


If you would like more information regarding equine coaching, please contact us.


E-mail: info@bewusst-wirken.de

Jürgen Will Mobile: +49 1759861670



Horse Assisted Leadership Training


Discover your personal leadership style and experience leadership coaching incorporating the use of all your senses.  There is no one leadership style which applies to all.  Our horse assisted coaching sessions focus on your skills and help you to develop your personal leadership style and how to apply it.


If you are interested in knowing which leadership style you should adopt for greatest success, then take advantage of our horse assisted management training courses.


The authoritarian leadership style is long outdated.  Employees nowadays welcome natural leadership based on trust, appreciation and respect.  People will follow best when they witness authenticity and impact.  We will make you more aware of the importance of innate body language and non-verbal communication. 


Why are horses used in management training?


Horses are used in management coaching sessions to strengthen the powers

of observation and awareness, as opposed to verbal communication.  You will learn to guide through intuition and effect.  From emotional intelligence to emotional guidance.


Horses are masters at reading body language and the best trainers when it comes to leadership and authenticity.


If you require more information regarding equine coaching, please contact us.


E-mail: info@bewusst-wirken.de

Jürgen Will Mobile: +49 1759861670




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